Naturally there is a process that the employee and the employer must go through in order for compensation to be paid out (Source- COIDA & Department of Labour):
  1. Notify the Commissioner of the accident,
  2. Maintain a first aid facility / service,
  3. Provide transport for any injured employee,
  4. Keep accurate records of all accidents,
  5. Contribute to the Compensation Fund (in respect of each employee in the company that falls within the COID definitions of “EMPLOYEE”.)

Your obligations to COID:


  1. Register with the Compensation Commissioner (P. O. Box 995, Pretoria, 0001).
  2. Send an estimation of your remuneration bill for the period March to February to the Commissioner. The estimation must be based on each employee’s remuneration for the year subject to the COIDA Annual Ceiling Limit. This simply means that for any employee earning more than this amount, only put a value up to the limit into your estimate.
  3. You have to submit a form W.As 8 (Return of Earnings) form in March each year. The form requests the average number of employees for the year, their total remuneration bill and various other items.
  4. On receipt of your form W.As 8 the Commissioner will assess you taking into account the industry you operate in as well as your remuneration bill for the year and calculate what you are liable for.
  5. The amount due by you is normally a very low percentage of your total remuneration bill (subject to a maximum of the stipulated limit for employees who earn more than this).