When calculating the remuneration value for COID reporting you need to note the following:

Remuneration is deemed as earnings of all types (before deductions) due to an employee, either made or owing, in money terms or in kind that has arisen out of his/her employment.

It includes :

  1. Salaries and/or Wages
  2. Cost of Living Allowance
  3. Bonuses (incentive or otherwise)
  4. Overtime payments (regular)
  5. A guaranteed 13th cheque
  6. Housing Allowance
  7. Commissions (only if given to an employee who also has a basic salary, and not agents or contractors)
  8. Cash value of meals and accommodation provided to an employee
  9. Any other payment due to an employee in accordance with the employee’s contract of service

It Doesn’t include the following :

  1. Subsistence Allowance (reimbursive in nature)
  2. Travelling Allowance (reimbursive in nature)
  3. Occasional Overtime
  4. Ex Gratia Payments
  5. Occasional Payments
  6. Company Contributions to Medical Aid, Pension or Provident funds
  7. Once-off (non-recurring) payments made to an employee which falls outside the scope of his service contract or for tasks which fall outside the scope of the employees normal duties.